Best TV series of the last two months: HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Best NBA player of the last two months: the Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki. And, now we’ve found a way to bring them together.

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  1. You nerdy fuck Tas.

  2. YES! That’s perfect.

  3. pure genius dude.

  4. I was hoping Dirk would get the nickname Kingslayer, as in Jaime Lannister, what with the golden locks and taking down “King” James and all…

  5. Dirk is a protagonist while Jaime is anything but a protagonist. I’ll not ruin the books for you, but Jaime’s character arc is nothing like that of Sir Dirk the Diggler. Plus, there’s no Cersei in Dirks life, is there?

  6. So the Mavericks actually are a communist organization? “You can break one finger, but five fingers are a fist!” is by Ernst Thaehlmann. (I watched this sequence without audio the first time).

  7. oh, i was never under the impression jaime was anything near a protagonist (which is of course why i like him, always a cobra guy never a joe). but just go with it and then we can start making tyrion jokes about jj barea.

  8. If anything, Lebron is a Lannister as he shares the Lion Crest… Plus he’s taking down all your names for slighting him and promises to get you… never forget a Lannister always pays his debts.

  9. I never realized what a perfect analogy for basketball this scene was when I watched it the first time. Happy to hear TBJ is enjoying GoT.

  10. I thought the exact same thing when I watched this.

  11. If Lebron is a Lannister, Dirk is surely a Greyjoy. Victarion Greyjoy, to be sure. Kobe is Daenerys… wait, what?

  12. Could not believe how great this show was! Keep it coming and I’ll keep on watching! Thanks!

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