As Jason Lee said in “Vanilla Sky”, and a lot of other less-qualified sources have probably echoed through the ages, “Just remember: The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.” I already finished counting down my list of the Top 100 Moments of the ’10-’11 NBA Season, and that sure was fun. But that’s not the whole story of the season, is it?

It seemed only right, then, that I take some time to salute the miseries of the ’10-’11 season — the occurrences that made you take a step back and say “Whoa, I’m glad that’s not happening to my team” (Or, alternately, “WHY THE FUCK IS THIS HAPPENING TO MY TEAM!!?!?!??”). The bad plays, the injuries, the displays of poor sportsmanship, the controversies, and everything else that made you wonder if it wouldn’t be too late to catch the last few minutes of The Vampire Diaries instead. Take a look at the bottom 40, and realize that even in something as horrifying as an NBA lockout, there is mercy:

40. The hole in David Lee’s elbow

39. Carlos Boozer’s no-show in the playoffs

38. Quinton Ross and Stephen Graham start in the same game for the Nets (in December!)

37. Michael Beasley chews out a teammate for not playing defense

36. Justin Bieber wins MVP at the All-Star Celebrity Game (Scottie got robbed!)

35. Vince Carter reaches 20,000 points, nobody notices or cares

34. The Sixers’ succession of embarrassing late-game collapses

33. Allen Iverson goes to Turkey, flops, gets injured, plans another NBA comeback

32. Bad Russ

31. Rip Hamilton benched for trade rumors

30. Mike Bibby gives up $6 million to have historically bad post-season

29. Caron Butler goes under the knife, loses season

28. CP3 or Dwight: Who’s next to go?

27. DeMarcus Cousins and the likely first of many suspension-worthy offenses

26. Eric Gordon goes down just as the Clippers start to get good

25. Toronto’s three-pointer streak finally snapped


23. LeBron and Wade segregate Bosh to his own press conferences

22. The Blatche-McGee fight nonsense

21. Pau Gasol’s post-breakup playoff funk

20. Tim Duncan gets old

19. Magic-Knicks at MSG gets postponed due to asbestos leak

18. The Timberwolves’ season-ending 15-game losing streak

17. Ron Artest and Glen “Big Baby” Davis get blocked by the rim

16. Donnie Walsh gets shown the door

15. Shaquille O’Neal limps to the finish line of his career

14. The Wizards’ 25-game home losing streak

13. Rudy Gay: Out for the year

12. Kevin Garnett pisses everyone off

11. “Look at all those beautiful black bodies!”

10. Yao’s career possibly over


8. The Pistons’ practice walkout

7. Magic trade for Arenas, J-Rich and Turk, doom team to years of mediocrity

6. Knicks get crushed in first two playoff home games at MSG in seven years

5. Jerry Sloan’s “Did I Jump or Was I Pushed?” retirement

4. Greg Oden and Brandon Roy: Better luck next year, Blazers fans

3. Andrew Bynum turns heel in Game 4

2. The Cavs historic’ 26-game losing streak

1. LeBron’s second (or third) consecutive season ending with a perplexing, unsatisfying playoff exit