By the time you read this, there’s a good possibility that whoever is in charge of will come to his or her senses and fix this mess. But as of 12:30 a.m. ET, the above picture is a screen capture of what the NBA’s official website looked like a half hour after the lockout commenced.

I get that the company website is pretty far down the list of priorities right now, but I guess I took for granted that whoever was going to be in charge of updating the site once the lockout kicked in had something better than a Dreamweaver course on his programming résumé. To be frank, when I took this screen capture, looked like Geocities had drunken sex with an AOL CD and the birth mother had substance abuse problems. Maybe this kind of thing doesn’t matter to people who aren’t Web nerds like myself but… damn.

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  1. I have a feeling it’s going to stay this way. No flash. No need to pay for serious maintenance. Just straight business and information. Fascinating.

  2. Forget dreamweaver, they’re building this in notepad!!

  3. go to
    still flashy. literally.

  4. NBA do not have rights for images since there is no agreement, and it will be there for quite some time
    That’s simple.

  5. I actually find this trimmed down site nice. Neat and minimalist, the color palette is well mixed too. What’s wrong with this look ?

    Hope the lockout will end soon with wins-wins.

  6. the reason for it is because they can’t have pictures of players up. That literally means pretty much everything on the main page. If you look at team websites (ie you’ll find they are very cut down.

    Probably rather than spend the time / resources editing out all the player images and videos they just took it down and put this temporary shtick up.

  7. This is no surprise. it was bound to happen later on.

  8. What the F#@k is a Carefoot?

  9. I agree with sc. Just because there’s not a lot going on visually doesn’t mean it’s bad design.

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