Finally, LeBron develops a killer instinct AND figures out that he needs to go to the rim when his jumper isn’t falling and the game is on the line. About a month too late, but it’s better than never.

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  1. What’s wrong with the guy behind the camera? Yeah, LeBron knocked over a kid who’s at least a foot shorter than him and probably a decade younger, and didn’t know it was coming. Then apparently LBJ thought it was a good idea to try and rip his arm off by pulling him up? Poor kid.

  2. post him up Bron Bron!

  3. Way to take the charge kid

  4. Was Heath Ledger filming this?

    Chris Nolan can edit this into Dark Knight Rises with that laugh.

  5. Well at least they were evenly matched, mentally developed wise.

  6. This totally cools the sting of the lockout. Thanks for pushing our chins up, TBJ!

  7. I’m shocked LBJ’s not looking for a foul call there

  8. Lebron was just pissed off at his own release there. He looked like Ronnie Brewer shooting that.

  9. Question: Are poeple like the guy with the camera not exactly part of the reason why Jams is such an egozentric fool? People that make him believe that he is oh so awsome when he runs over a child after an easy dunk in a camp where the youngsters are supposed to have a jolly good time… all of tem.

  10. Nobody mentioned that he spends his free time with young kids, while he could be wherever he would like to be. Come on you guys…

  11. He knocked him down and walked away with the kid laying on his back…!? I’m really starting to hate that dude…

  12. Haters gonna hate, guarantee that kid got signed LBJ’s worth his entire time at camp

  13. the mf even stares him down afterwards…

    how much pride can a guy get from doing that?

    sure, he helps kids, but that’s kinda part of the deal when you’^re a pro athlete in the US… I mean: who of them doesn’t?

  14. IDK if no one knows what they are doing, but they are actually playing a new game that’s out. We play it at our high school sometimes and even the teachers get involved:

    The game is called ” Bump ”

    Everyone lines up behind the free throw line/ 3pt line and takes a shot. The person behind them takes a shot after the person in front of them does. Who ever scores first moves to the back of the line as the pass the ball to the next player in line. If they score before the other guy who’s still up there, then that person is eliminated. This keeps going until there’s one player left. Some strategies you can use is to knock your opponents ball away with your own ball, before they can get a shot off.

    Even the teacher when we were playing at our school got a little aggressive when trying to score, but its a super fun game. That’s just the competitive instinct of Lebron coming out there which is perfectly normal.

  15. @ Xtremenator1: Please do not try to justify LeBrons’ stupid and immature antics. He’s a douche and nothing can be said to suggest otherwise. The jig is up for him, for we all know what kind of person he really is now. Oh, and next time, try to make up a better excuse for him than “That’s just the competitive instinct of LeBron”. We all saw LeBron has no competitive instinct, did you not watch the NBA finals man?

  16. @ Mr. Satan: He’s the best basketball player in the world right now and idk if you are just looking at the actions by him, but if you look at the kids and the crowd, everyone is enjoying it ( even the person who he dunked on ).

  17. Can you imagine being that kid who goes back to school, who can say he got dunked on by Lebron James. He’d probably be the most popular kid in school.

  18. @Xtremenator1 – Bump is not a new game at all my dude!

  19. We call it “Knock-out” in my neck of the woods. Lebron took it a little too literally i guess.

  20. It was originally a training drill, and considering that people have been playing it over the past few years more and more recently. Its new.

  21. seriously, don’t you guys have anything better to do than to interpret every frickin step this guy takes? it gets kinda tiring…
    don’t focus on lebron. he lost

    DIRKUSCIRCUS!!!! that’s what’s important :)

  22. I’ve been playing knock out since I started playing basketball at age 5. I’m now 21. It’s not new at all dude.

  23. Yeah, knock out isn’t new, at least 20 years old.

    Also, this is hilarious, that kid was probably having a blast and will remember this moment joyously for the rest of his life. How can you find a problem with any of it?

  24. y’all really need to stop over-analysing and hating everything Lebron does.
    If you listen to it you can clearly hear all the kids asking him to dunk the ball, so he obliged and he accidentally runs into the kid. It’s not like it was malicious cause he was looking at the rim the whole time and fell on top of the kid on the way down.
    Plus, there’s no where in his contract where he has to show up to these kinds of things (e.g. adrian petersen just blew off a bunch of kids he promised that he’d see last week). It’s not like he absolutely HAS to be there but he’s there to help out the kids….and it wasn’t for ‘the cameras/for publicity’. It’s a wonder he even turned up especially after all the shit that’s been said about him over the last year, it’s a wonder he doesn’t just say ‘fuck everything’ and go on holiday.

  25. “It’s a wonder he even turned up especially after all the shit that’s been said about him over the last year, it’s a wonder he doesn’t just say ‘fuck everything’ and go on holiday.”

    the guy wants to seem like a good guy, how could he?

  26. @Breyzh: truee, i was just imagining myself in his position.. but yeah, for sure he’s trying to piece his image back together but i’d say it doesn’t matter how many kids camps he shows up to or charity functions he holds. All the people that are slagging him off won’t stop until he wins ring(s) and gets a little more humble/quiet about it.. haha but maybe not even that will stop them. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a huge LBJ fan or anything, i just think all this hate is a bit much and frankly i’m kinda just sick of hearing about everything he does and everyones opinion of it (+ there was a bunch of far better stories in the league last season which hardly got a mention).. anyway it’s not like he committed an actual crime or anything. It just feels like everybody wants somebody to hate and he’s just THAT GUY right now. that off my chest, i’m done.

  27. @Xtremenator1: He’s the best basketball player in the world? He’s not even the best player on his team. Well, of course they’re enjoying it, it’s LeBron James dunking and what could possibly be more awesome than that? [sarcasm intended] Nevertheless, I can clearly see you’re a LeBron James nuthugger, so I’m not going to waste my time typing when you’re obviously not going to get off of his scrotum anytime soon.

  28. no confiscation of the tape this time?

  29. @ash
    I agree with you, I’m just saying he makes it really easy to hate him. Btw, I hated this guy before it was cool (hipster hater ;))

  30. @flegman I was thinking the same thing.

  31. I’m glad this happened. F that kid.

  32. @Xtremenator1 – Someone from your school must have been at that camp and told them about this hip new game knockout. Oops I mean Bump.

  33. @Xtremenator1 It’s “knock out” you idiot. It has been around for more than a few years. Try decades. You suck at life.

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