Everything changes once a rookie makes it to the big leagues. The lights are brighter. The pay is bigger. The responsibilities are greater. The competition is tougher. The video threats from Internet vixens are more serious.

From WOIO in Cleveland:

The Cleveland Cavaliers number one draft pick, Kyrie Irving filed a police report saying he was being threatened by a woman he met through Twitter.

The woman is identified as Jessica Jackson also known as Miss Hawaii.

According to the West Orange Police report, Irving says he met Jackson once in person in front of the Ritz Carlton in Charleston, North Carolina for two minutes. The two had a short conversation and then went their separate ways.

Irving says Jackson then posted some videos on YouTube blasting him and allegedly threatened to stab him via his Twitter account.

If you want to watch one of these videos to get a feel for what’s going on, here you go. I can’t recommend clicking that because your head will probably explode, but it’s only fair to give you that opportunity. And it’s important to note that “Miss Hawaii” is a nickname, and that this lady is from the Bronx and not the islands. That part is confusing too.

Clerical stuff out of the way, yikes. This is a very strange situation which has been going on for months and will probably not slow down now that Irving is a lockout away from making his NBA debut. Cases like these don’t usually stop when someone becomes more famous.

That’s the craziest part, that this all started when Kyrie Irving was at Duke. Not only is it hilarious to imagine him going to Coach K for advice with this, it’s also not the best way to start a career. He hasn’t even had a first practice yet and he’s already embroiled in a social media scandal that’s had to go to police.

It’s just an odd way to start a new job, and it’s not like he can go to Byron Scott and say, “How did you deal with Internet ladies wanting to stab you, back when you were playing?” He can get mustache advice, sure, but not Internet lady stabbing advice. Tough break.