Between the “Check My $tats” shirt, “The Decision,” the cartoon about the four parts of his personality, wanting to be a global icon, considering himself a brand, bankrolling a marketing conglomerate that has no clients or experience, and a host of other things, LeBron James is widely considered one of the most arrogant players in the NBA. He has certainly earned it, so congratulations on his victory.

But according to Ian Mahinmi, despite LeBron’s reputation, he’s not the most arrogant player in the league. Second maybe, but definitely not first. From Basket USA as translated by HoopsHype:

“Kobe is super arrogant but everybody loves him. To me, Kobe is more arrogant (than LeBron James).”

Another second place finish for LeBron James. Typical.

Zings aside, I think Ian Mahinmi got some bad information here. Not everyone loves Kobe Bryant. In fact, before “The Decision,” he was easily the most hated player in the league. Just because everyone respects Kobe’s work ethic, continued effectiveness and killer instinct, that doesn’t mean people love him. Loads of people hate him, maybe even most. Because he’s arrogant, which Mahinmi totally nails.

And that’s what’s worrying about this. Ian Mahinmi just won an NBA title, and now he’s called out Kobe Bryant. If he’s trying to get Kobe to destroy him, he’s doing a pretty good job of encouraging that. This might be the last we hear of Ian Mahinmi. It was fun saying his name while it lasted.

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  1. Good thing for Ian Mahinmi that Kobe Bryant will never figure out that Ian Mahinmi plays in the NBA.

  2. Ian’s right about Kobe being more arrogant, but that’s just a different word for confidence. With that confidence, Kobe’s able to come through in big games. Lebron? not so much.

    Thing about Lebron is that he’s enjoying all the benefits from being a winning superstar without actually coming through with winning superstar moments.

    Once Lebron stops taking shortcuts to greatness is when he’ll realize what it takes to be great.

  3. Who is ian mahinmi? yes, the third center behind Chandler AND even Brendan Haywood. oooh…

  4. Someone teach that young man the difference between arrogance and confidence, although Kobe does walk the fine line between the 2.Whereas LeBron is arrogant everywhere he goes because everything has been handed down to him (unfortunately Wade and Bosh couldn’t hand him a ring), Kobe’s overconfidence and arrogance is on the court where he is a trash talking throwback to 80′s and 90′s ball. Kobe works on his game ot get better to learn new tricks, and try to keep some younguns from taking his title. Bron just works out. Doesn’t put in the time or effort because it comes too easily for him.

  5. At least Kobe has five rings to support his arrogance.

  6. Timely comment, Iam Mahinmi.

    Also: Kobe Bryant? Arrogant? STOP THE PRESSES!

    The difference is twofold. First, Kobe has FIVE championship rings. Arrogance is a privilege he’s earned. Secondly, Kobe stopped asking anybody to love him YEARS ago. He doesn’t care. Sure, he’s kind of a sociopath. We all know it. He doesn’t care.

    LeBron, meanwhile, continues to care deeply about people’s perception of him. Hence the continued “brand” nonsense- his joining up with his buddy/chief generational rival in an effort to have fun and stack the deck instead of putting in hard work.

    The two players couldnt be wired differently.

  7. i agree with the removal of 1st comment

  8. Best players are always a bit arrogant!

  9. A. I though Ian Mahinmi was a reporter giving his point of view with dealing with both players. Basically, I had no idea who the **** Ian Mahinmi is/was/will be.

    B. I think Ian Mahinmi is confused. Kobe is a 7 time NBA Finalist, 5 time NBA Champion, 2 time NBA FINALS MVP, 13 time All-Star, blah, blah, blah – look at the 5 rings. That isn’t arrogance, Ian Mahinmi, that’s confidence. LeBron has REGULAR SEASON awards and post season failures and tends to fade away like a dying star that can no longer shine in the most important time of the season. Him walking around like he is untouchable or his **** don’t stink is arrogance. You have to get it done before you get to brag.

    C. Think about this Ian Mahinmi. You have more rings than LeBron. Seriously. Adam Morrison has 2 more rings than LeBron. Charlie Sheen’s **** has more rings than LeBron. WINNING!

  10. Who actually was interested in what this guy thought for him to get a quote… this fool will probably be out of nba within the next 2 years.

  11. Apparently, some Mavs still drunk celebratin their championship…

  12. i wouldn’t say that lebron is hard working. he’s worked pretty hard to get his shot. i remember when lebron came into the league, no one respected his shot. now, he is a tough guy to guard, even if your a hater, you know it’s true.

    Now. Kobe might be arrogant. BUT i think he has the right to be arrogant. He is one of the best players ever to play the game if not the best.

    Ian Mahinmi has no right to make this comment. He’s a third string player from a third world country. Just because he swept the lakers and won the championship he thinks he can start talking shit.

    if Kobe wanted to talk shit back to mahinmi he could go on for a whole day.

  13. Too tough to call they are both arrogant as $#!t

  14. @ kz

    Since when is France considered a third world country?

  15. Deleted my message? I even bought a TBJ shirt. Canadian faggots…

  16. That’s why 2 time champion Adam Morrison is A-OK in my book. I had to Google Ian Mahinmi to find out who he was lol.

  17. @Mimi

    You can’t say the N-word and expect your comment to stay up. I’m surprised it wasn’t autofiltered in the first place.

    You also probably shouldn’t say “faggot”. Especially since your name is “Mimi”.

  18. Fuck you Martin. Suck my ball sac. NYEA!!!

  19. and yu probably have a hole rather than a ball sack

  20. I though Ian Mihimi was a reporter and so I googled him. He turned out to be a Maverick who didn’t do anything effective in the playoffs and the only reason he got to be in uniform was because the overpaid Brendan Haywood was injured.

    As I Laker and Kobe fan, I have always admired Kobe’s arrogance. In fact, he deserves to be arrogant when you have 5 rings, 2 Finals MVPs, and is 6th on the NBA all time scoring list. I can go on and on about Bryant.

    Go ahead Kobe, be as arrogant as you want

    As for LeBron, he is all hype. Proven by his terrible finals play. He doesn’t deserve to be arrogant. Until he wins without the help of another superstar who is considered one of the top 5 players in the league today (Dwayne Wade) then LeBron should stop. I know LeBron, I still have to go home to my life with the same problems, but the least of my problems is losing and putting up a nightmare performance during a time where it’s mine to shine.

    “This summer I will be taking my talents to South Beach”
    -LeBron James

    Looks like his talents were delayed during the flight

  21. I love all these half wit idiots defending Kobe because he comes through in the clutch. Did anyone watch them get swept by the mavs? Where was Kobe? He had a worse series against Dallas than LeBron did. What about the previous season in game 7 of the finals when Kobe disappeared? Uh huh. Ignore facts all you like but the only reason Kobe doesn’t get the hate LeBron does is because he stayed in L.A. (even though he demanded to be traded at one point). LeBron didn’t rape anyone, call his teammates down, demand to be traded or throw every single teammate he ever had under the bus. That’s all Kobe’s handiwork. It says a lot about today’s current fans when a guy like Kobe is worshipped yet one of the nicest guys in the NBA is hated. You all speak of how arrogant LeBron is. He’s no more (probably a lot less) arrogant than any other professional athlete. Nobody had a bad thing to say about him until he left Cleveland. At least he did it the right way. Half wits.

  22. I actually agree with Aaron above. Look at how crappy a team Cleveland is this past season after LeBron is gone. At least in his first season with Miami, LeBron and his team made it to the Finals. Mavs was a hard team to beat and kicked every team’s butt throughout the playoff series. All I care is watching good basketball, how many rings a player has doesn’t really concern me as a lot of players who have rings don’t really deserve them (one of them being this Ian Mahinmi guy). LeBron has good assist avg, rebounding avg. and field goal %, that’s why it’s fun to watch LeBron play.

    All of the so-called arrogance of any professional athletes was usually blown out of proportion by the media for entertainment purposes. Professional sports, at the end of the day, are for entertainment purposes. The world will move on with or without these athletes. Why don’t we just sit back and watch good basketball or whatever sports you enjoy, what players say on or off the court aren’t really our concerns and usually aren’t interpreted correctly anyway.

  23. Aaron, Let me remind you in that previous Finals against the Celtics Kobe and the Lakers were down 3 games to 2. You say Kobe disappeared in game 7? I think you should slow down before you make a bigger fool of yourself.
    G Date Opponent Result Reb Ast Pts Min Stl Blk TO PF
    Game 6 Jun 15 vs. Boston Celtics W 89-67 11 3 26 40 4 0 2 2
    Game 7 Jun 17 vs. Boston Celtics W 83-79 15 2 23 45 1 0 4 4

    You are damn right he asked for a trade. He had this great bunch in the Starting 5: Kwame Brown,Brian Cook Lamar Odom, and Smush Parker. Kobe has received the same if not more hate than Lebron, but he does not let it affect him like Lebron does. He uses it as motivation. Bottom line is he has 5 rings. Winning is the great equalizer and has a way of shutting people up.
    Check My Stats, LBJ/MVP T-Shirts, Not playing in hard in a playoff game because one of your teammates smashed you momma, Doing stupid dances/skits before games & Time outs, Tossomg Chalk Dust in the Air messing up the environment or throwing the entire city of Cleveland and your teammates under the bus during a one hour TV special tto announce that he’s taking his talents to South Beach to become Ms Lebron Wade….Not So Much.

    We now see why he didnt go to college…he would have never shown up for Finals. lol

  24. You have to admit, its pretty impressive how the mavs managed to beat three big star teams in a row. Kobe’s, Durant’s, then LBJ team.

  25. I agree with you Aaron..Mr.Mahinmi..who do u think u are to say that to Kobe..yeah ryt..he’s arrogant but he has a right..he’s a great player..why?b’coz your team swept the L.A.and you don’t even know KoBe don’t judge him..maybe he is arrogant..and don’t compare him to Lebron..u know after the swept of Mavs..why almost love Kobe..b’coz he’s a Great Player and a Loyal player..he almost spend the half of his life in Lakers..he do all his best..he do all for the lakers,and he do all for his fans..and he’s not a weak player coz he didn’t give up..whatever happen he’s loyalty is in Lakers not like Lebron..he promise to Cavs that he never leave until he got atleast 1 ring..but what he do..he join the strong team..for what to show..that his team is the best..but He’s a great player..I respect him as a player..You know Mr.Ian Mahinmi..after all what u say to Kobe..your suppose to be the arrogant not Kobe..

  26. Haaaaa LBJ has a ring I don’t care what anyone says LEBRON HAS A RING! And he was MONEY in the finals! Anyone else watch him kick ass? Anyone else see that he has his first of MANY rings? Ummm yeah LBJ has a ring and that’s awesome! One of the most likeable players ever!

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