If Kevin Durant got these “Thunder Thighs” tattoos, they’d wrap all the way around his legs. If Russell Westbrook got ‘em, they’d be criticized for not being big enough, but also for being too big. If this was Nick Collison, they’d be very sweaty.

I can keep going if you want. Just let me know. The Byron Mullens zing is hilarious.

(via Daily Thunder)

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  1. aww man, lesbian hipsters have all the fun.

  2. I thought it was Kreayshawn doing the ink at first.

  3. She’s right about Joey Crawford. That dude should retire.

  4. she looks like durant

  5. If this was Serge Ibaka, he’d use a small teddy bear as a bite guard to help ease the pain of the tattooing process. Don’t get me wrong, Serge Ibaka (‘d your mom…) is as physical gifted in reality as he is as the video game version of himself. He’s also as tough as they come.*
    There’s just something strangely comforting about teddy bears.

    There seems to be a boom in Congolese players making into the NBA, Did this happen all of a sudden, or is it just me? Maybe Serge “Best Name in Sports, sorry Metta World Peace” Ibaka is the start of a new legacy . . .

    (*citation needed)

  6. true story: i have a friend that tatooed the clippers logo on his leg, and he lives in sweden!!!!!!!! major smh

  7. That “thank you Seattle” shirt is a bit harsh to a city that really wanted to keep the team.

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