Carmelo Anthony is in this month’s issue of Italian Vogue, hoping to “break some barriers” with regards to athlete fashion. His first barrier to break: bringing back the top hat. That’s going to be tough, as top hats have fallen out of style since the advent of normal height hats, but I think he can do it. Who doesn’t love looking like Abraham Lincoln or any Daniel Day Lewis character?

His second barrier to break: relaxing in a top hat. Sure, it’s easy to wear a top hat when you’re sporting a tuxedo and time-traveling back to the 1800′s, but it’s a lot harder to look cool with a giant chapeau when you’re just chillin’ in your wooden chair like a normal person. Nothing says relaxation like a stiff-backed chair, top hat and suit, so this should be a piece of cake.

He’s also breaking a smaller barrier there on the right, which is, of course, trying to make Steve Martin in “Leap of Faith” in to a style icon. Ever since the Opti-Grab settlement, no one’s looked to Martin for sartorial inspiration, and that’s really too bad. Carmelo Anthony wants to change that, because he loves “Father of the Bride,” and to a lesser extent, “Shop Girl.”

Since being a boxer is already pretty cool, the last barrier for Carmelo to break is how to look cool while doing the robot. Still a work in progress.