If you thought Kyrie Irving’s Twitter-based legal issues with a woman who calls herself “Miss Hawaii” but lives in New York was strange, then you’re going to love Kobe Bryant’s new lawsuit. Critics say it’s one of the best lawsuits to come out in years. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone calls it “The summer lawsuit we’ve been waiting for.” It’s buzz is deafening.

And here it is, courtesy of the Orange County Register:

A woman is suing Kobe Bryant because she claims the Lakers star promised to marry her and give her an engagement ring.  He wanted to marry her, she said, not because Bryant is a closet polygamist, but because he isn’t really married.

In a four-page lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court on June 24,  Selina Miller claims that Bryant gave her “a completed and signed agreement” last May that included a proposal and ring. She claims Bryant, who is very married and the father of two girls, has visited her on numerous occasions for intimate relations.

Cool lawsuit. Very legal. Very opposite of frivolous. Bang the gavel, Judge Wapner, we have a winner.

Even better, this is the second suit this lady has filed against Kobe, with the first coming two years ago and having been thrown out because the suit did not have “an arguable basis in fact and are not plausible.” Plus, she’s filed at least 10 other frivolous suits alleging various degrees of slander and invasion of privacy.

Other than the fact that it’s totally made-up, this suit seems pretty legit, as I imagine that most of Kobe Bryant’s interpersonal interactions require written contracts. “Nice to meet you, sir. Please sign this cordiality contract, so that we can legally shake hands and fake smile at each other. Thank you.” Seems like a very Kobe Bryant thing to do.