All this time we thought the NBA lockout was something that had been building for years, but we were wrong. It started when LeBron James turned down Erik Spoelstra’s offer of $10 million that he had written on his chest, followed by Spoelstra refusing to sell LeBron’s shoes, followed by LeBron saying “Well maybe we just have a lockout!” and then Spoelstra agreeing. Duh.

Typical Heat. Always ruining everything.

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  1. uuuhhhhh…wha????

  2. This video is dangerously inaccurate, Lebron doesn’t shoot with his left hand, and he DEFINITELY does NOT have a Toyota Highlander

  3. I believe LeBron is the one who suggests they have a lockout in this video.

    /pushes glasses up

  4. That’s why TBG is the best of the best.

    This is the truth no one wants to reveal.

  5. Where do they get little hoops like that? When I was a kid, all I had were those crappy nerf ones…that thing looked legit!

  6. Good catch, BobbyStompy. Since adjusted.

  7. @KoMighty its a Lexus

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