In a startling turn of events, we might soon have to consider Michael Beasley among the smartest players in the NBA. I know, I am shocked too. But it’s really happening, because he has apparently figured out a way to be Michael Beasley without getting in trouble for being Michael Beasley.

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

That citation former Heat forward Michael Beasley received last week for possession of marijuana?

Strictly a legal issue, nothing more.

An NBA spokesman confirmed Wednesday to the Sun Sentinel what logic would have dictated anyway:

In the void of an NBA collective-bargaining agreement, there is no substance-abuse policy currently in place. None.

β€œThe anti-drug agreement β€” including testing and penalties β€” is not in effect during the lockout,” league spokesman Tim Frank said in an email.

Well, it is good to see that at least one person is enjoying the lockout. Pretty amazing that Michael Beasley figured this out so quickly, which means we need to name this maneuver after him (see post title). Game-changing tactics like this deserve honors, and there is no bigger honor than a rule being named after you. Just ask Trent Tucker.

If Charles Oakley is right, and 60 percent of the league smokes reefer, the Michael Beasley loophole is going to catch on. That means we’re going to see a lot of tweets about Wiz Khalifa over the next several months, which is just another reason to get the lockout figured out as fast as possible.