Your annual Adam Morrison update

Hey guys, have you been wondering what is up with Adam Morrison ever since he was cut by the Washington Wizards — a team that played 23 players and won just 23 games, but still thought the two-time NBA champion wasn’t good enough to play for them — before the beginning of last season? Me neither, but here is what is up with Adam Morrison.

From Chris Tomasson:

After not playing in the NBA last season, Adam Morrison is working out at Gonzaga and eyeing possible overseas offers.

This has been your annual Adam Morrison update for 2011. Check back next year. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Um who cares this guys a lost cause

  2. i was actually wondering. Especially with some of the comparisons between him and Jimmer (tho JJ Redick would’ve been abetter comparison). Maybe those two will be hanging out overseas eventually.

  3. We would love Adam Morrison to come join our league as a free agent. he would look great in a Godzilla uniform…

  4. The Wizards passing on a player means nothing. The Wizards aren’t known for stellar talent evaluation.

    Adam Morrison has won me over. I hope he ends up Euroleague MVP or something. Too much history to play in the NBA right now, but I hope he makes it back as a cagey veteran.

  5. AMMO would be a great complemnt to the any teams bench. I see him making a good run at 7th man of the season award if he decides to take his talents to the GTBA next season. GOGTBA!

  6. I googled “GBTA”

    Is there any way I can stream games from this for the duration of the NBA lockout? Looks like fun.

  7. ^^ Woops, must have missed that cunningly named GTBA-TV LIVE STREAMING link…

    Okay, I’m set. This looks better than our national league haha (New Zealand).

    P.S Can we get a swingball update soon?

  8. Whatever Boogs, the Saints rule. Now they should sign Morrison.

  9. I thought Adam must have gone looking for Bison Dele.

  10. This articles tone is far too flippant, I need more care when I read about the Man that is Adam Morrison.

  11. i read recently he was working out with the bulls as an option.

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