What you see up there are the shoes LeBron James will be wearing next season, the Nike LeBron 9. They’ve got just about every Nike technology you can imagine — Zoom Air, Max Air, Hyperfuse, Flywire, Carbon Fiber, Pro Combat padding, other things — so they will probably be a great shoe to play in. Plus, they look nice, since red and black is always a great colorway.

But the best part is the toes, which seems weird to say, but when you see them you’ll agree.

Yep, that’s the most famous quote from “Gladiator,” which also just so happens to adorn LeBron’s arms. Nice little detail, but one of those things that will surely draw some fire since there are some seriously easy “Well, you haven’t done anything that should echo in eternity” jokes to be made.

That being said, I’m definitely on board with movie quotes on shoes. Dwight Howard’s favorite movie is “Finding Nemo” and it’s not hard to imagine him rocking a pair of sneakers with “Just keep swimming” all over them. Really hope this catches on.

(via NikeLeBron.net)

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  1. Makes me wonder what Chris Bosh’s shoes would have written on them.

  2. Bosh’s shoe? “I coulda had class, I coulda been a contendah”

  3. “You can be my wingman, anytime.” — Iceman/LeBron James
    “Bull****. You can be mine.” — Maverick/Dwayne Wade.

    I have a theory that Wade tattooed this on his butt last summer, and is just waiting until he wins another Finals MVP before showing it to LeBron…then having it printed on his shoes.

  4. Why doesn’t the shoe say “Now or never” ?

  5. Random: my favorite quote from gladiator is “Now we are free and we will meet again, but not yet…not yet”.

  6. Bosh’s movie shoe quote should be from the Matrix


  7. Bosh’s quote should be “I’m just happy to be here”

  8. Michael Beasley’s’ new ‘Cheech and Chongs Up in Smoke’-inspired shoes ”You wanna get high, man? Does Howdy Doody got wooden Balls, man? ”

  9. oh, and they would be made solely out of hemp

  10. Bosh’s movie quote needs to be from Nacho Libre;

    “I whanna win!”

  11. do they include the technology to show up in crunch time?

  12. i think the newest style is lebron james X, biggest love :)))

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