Because you are so interested, here is a complete breakdown of the Tanguy Ngombo saga:

  • Timberwolves make noise about drafting some dude named Targuy Ngombo who plays in Qatar but is Congolese.
  • Draft Express’ Jonathan Givony finds out about it and predicts the Timberwolves will take him in the second round.
  • The Timberwolves draft Targuy Ngombo in the second round, we all have a ton of laughs and find out his name is actually “Tanguy” maybe. Jonathan Givony gets the weirdest bragging rights ever.
  • The league finds out through a simple Google search that Tanguy Ngombo is probably 26, rather than 21, which means he would have been eligible to be signed by any team. This is a big deal because most teams are dying to sign 26-year-old prospects that no one has ever heard of, and who didn’t even dominate leagues in Qatar. Rumors abound that the pick may have to be rescinded.
  • We all have more laughs that David Kahn may have illegally selected someone that no one else wants on their team.

So that’s where we stand now, laughing at this whole thing. Thankfully for the Timberwolves, it looks like they might be getting some ngood ngews about Ngombo. From Ken Berger at CBS Sports:

[Sources] say the Wolves expect a favorable ruling from the NBA office that they will be able to keep No. 57 pick Tanguy Nbombo despite a dispute over his age. Though information has come to light that Ngombo is 26 – and thus ineligible for the draft – sources say the Wolves have government documentation from multiple entities that Ngombo is, in fact, 21. The belief among some executives is that a team should not be punished if government documentation is inaccurate.

Congratulations to the Timberwolves for getting their Tanguy. (Pun.) It has been a long, hard journey filled with so many laughs for the team to get everything settled so that they can have the draft rights to a guy who may never play in the NBA.

Between this and Ricky Rubio signing a contract, I think we can all agree that the Timberwolves have surpassed the San Antonio Spurs as the NBA team who best utilizes foreign talent. Case closed.