Yesterday, a bunch of Mark Cuban’s college photos showed up on Google+ because Google knows everything about everyone at all times. Cubes already narrated the photos for Deadspin, so we decided to add our own.

This is from a John Oates impersonation contest where Cuban took third place. The prize was an uncooked dessert.

As you can see from these two pictures, eating with Mark Cuban is always dangerous and disgusting.

Nose, mustache, glasses: fake. Hair: unfortunately real.

More like Mark Pube-an, am I right???

“Sup. Just taking a little napski with someone’s gross cast on my stomach. College!”

This is where Cuban got the idea for his pose with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. It was terrible back then too.

Kinda feel like this picture resulted from a “Frequency” situation, where 2011 Mark Cuban somehow communicated with 1970′s Mark Cuban through and told him that he should take a picture with all of his bros giving the camera the finger. 2011 Cuban told 1970′s Cuban, “Trust me. It’ll be super relevant because you’re going to beat some guy named LeBron James at basketall. And one other thing, I want you to remember this word, OK? It’s kind of like a code word: Yahoo. Can you remember that?”