Eeeeeey, zees jetpack eees FUUUUUUN! Flyeeng zee jetpack weeth zee vatare, Tonay Parcare ees flyeengs over zee vatare. Tonay love flyeeng over zee vatare like ee ees Arry Pottare en zee Prizner o’ Azbanan. Zees jetpack ees Tonay’s eepogreef.

Oooooooooh, Tonay love thees. Tonay love thees more den vaw gwaw. More den salmon terrine. More den horse sangwich. Tonay do not love flyeeng on vatare more den baguette but ees clothes. Tonay love vatare flyeeng jetpack, but Tonay vreally love baguette.

Zees flyeeng vatare jetpack ees def better zan ven Tonay ride scoodser weeth Eva. Tonay no smiles weeth jetpack but zat doesn’t mean Tonay doesn’t love the flyeeng. Hafta keeps ze mouf clothesed weeth ze vatare flyeeng evrywar. You know wat Tonay say, “Vatare flows, mouf clothesed.”

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  1. What is this moonspeak you type

  2. I’m assuming this should be read with a mock-French accent and is much funnier when done that way.

  3. haha..yeah.. What is this that you have written? Is is just for fun? to catch attention? or maybe just because you feel the excitement and happiness Tony Parker also feels when he flies through a jet pack? hehe.. lol. Some were English, I can understand some of them, but most are alien to me

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