With that pesky NBA lockout keeping ‘em off the court, Clippers forward Blake Griffin and Wolves forward Kevin Love found a different way to keep their competitive juices flowing behind the scenes at The ESPYs.

via @bigsexygleason

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  1. “Win with class, win with class”

  2. Aren’t you supposed to put the block you pulled back on top of the tower??

  3. Hahaha, hilarious as usual :) Man, if there is no next season I hope Blake gets on all the comedy shows :)

    Hey Kevin, what’s with the tucked in the socks sweatpants?!?!

  4. LOL!!! Blake’s dramatic defeat was hilarious.

  5. two of the funnier guys in the league. two of the funniest young players in the league.

  6. after the first game i love the fact that kevin was goin for the prized money shot of him winning and the cameras left him to go to blake.

  7. I really like the new generation of NBA stars.

  8. @Ryan That’s exactly what I came on here to say. I always played that you stacked the jenga pieces back on top after taking them out. Really threw me for a loop there.

  9. blake griffin will do a good job replacing shaq’s humerous personality

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