If there can be one sliver of light in the dark dreary mess that is the NBA lockout, it is an unfiltered Gilbert Arenas in Twitter form. Yes, oh yes, the NBA’s self-proclaimed red-headed stepchild has been tweeting up a storm and it’s been all things magnificent. If you’re not already following him, you’d better get on that.

Sunday evening, Arenas tweeted a confession. In short, he explained how professional athletes can get more from Twitter than just interaction with their fans as well as explaining how he’s a step ahead of most, hiding the evidence among other fans:

While I hope he can refrain from leaving presents in people’s shoes, I am so very thrilled to have Arenas back in the basketball world, speaking his mind and showing the rest of us that athlete’s don’t have to be boring. It’s also especially funny to see him in this moment, where he can’t be fined or punished for speaking his mind.

It’s only July. Heaven only knows the adventures Arenas’ Twitter account will take us on before this lockout is solved.