Derrick Rose is the youngest MVP in league history, a 22-year-old bundle of fast twitch muscle fibers, tattoos and Skittles. He’s among the most exciting players the NBA has to offer, the leader of a team that surprised everyone by leading the league in wins, and is a big part of the bright future that said league touts as the next generation of stars. Simply put, Derrick Rose is an out-of-this-world talent who was made to dominate basketball games.

But for one week, he was basically living the blogger life. From Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears:

In the days after his Chicago Bulls lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals, Derrick Rose(notes) shut himself in his house and put the local pizza place on speed dial. For about a week, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player rarely left home.

“Being that close [to the NBA Finals], and not getting it, hurt,” Rose told Yahoo! Sports. “I just stayed inside the whole time. I didn’t go anywhere else. I wore pajamas, watched a lot of movies, drank Powerade and got delivery food. My body was just sore and wore out. Mentally, too.

“I’m just getting over it. …I know my time will [come] soon. That’s how I think about it. I guess you have to pay your dues.”

Let’s see here. Normal person clothes eschewed for comfort? Check. Inside the whole time? Check. Movies, which he probably referenced incessantly? Check. Foods that require no preparation and are terrible for you? Check. Get this guy an Internet connection, a well-fed Google Reader and the desire to read about basketball online for hours and he’s a regular blog bro. Nice to have such an athlete in our midst.

He’s even got the crippling injuries that come with working on a computer day in and day out for hours at a time.

Rose validated his MVP credentials during the playoffs, playing as well as anyone in the first two rounds. Quietly, however, he was dealing with troublesome wrist and back injuries, in addition to the left ankle sprain he suffered in the first round against the Indiana Pacers. Rose had become used to simply putting on an ankle brace and playing whenever he had previously sprained an ankle. This time, he required an hour worth of treatment before each game. [...]

“I just learned from last season where my conditioning wasn’t up to par at the end of the season,” Rose said. “That’s what I’m working on this summer, getting my conditioning right. There was just fatigue. My body wore down. Just going through the rounds, the first time being there past the first round, it was hard. I’m just learning from it.”

Yikes. That’s why you have to have proper posture and hand/keyboard positioning while working on your laptop. I recommend lying on your back in bed with a pillow on your lap to protect your genits, then putting the compy on top of the pillow. Works like a charm.

Jokes aside, playing with a hurt ankle, back and wrist while being the primary ballhandler/scorer/non-smiler for a team that is often incapable of putting points on the board is a pretty tough thing to do, I’d imagine. Everyone’s banged up in the playoffs, no doy, but not everyone has half their limbs and a large part of their body’s architecture in pain. Kind of explains why he wasn’t always at his best throughout the postseason. Not an excuse, but certainly a bit of an explanation.

But Rose has quite a bit of time off now, time to get healthy and really nail the blogger persona. If that’s what he’s going for, he should use some of that free time to watch “The Wire” and then tell everyone he knows that they should watch “The Wire.” That’s pretty much the most blogger thing you can do.