It is kind of amazing that there is a chance that Ron Artest will be wearing a jersey that looks almost exactly like this whenever the next season starts. There may actually be an NBA player in the modern era who wears a phrase on his jersey, and since we are all big fans of the Pete Maravich “Pistol” jersey and World B. Free’s whole shtick, that’s a good thing.

To celebrate that good thing, buy this t-shirt. It’s $32.99, which is definitely way too much for a jersey t-shirt, but it looks great. It’s Lakers-y. It lets other fans know that you are up to date with regards to the NBA’s nomenclature. It honors Ron Artest’s second most ridiculous jersey choice during the Los Angeles era. (Choosing No. 37 because that’s how many weeks “Thriller” was at the top of the charts is still crazier than changing your name to promote world peace.) Basically, it’s everything you could want in a t-shirt that looks like one of those sports pun t-shirts that would be sold at a Christian bookstore in the late-90s.

All I am saying, is give this t-shirt some serious thought. It’s not every day an athlete changes his name to an uplifting phrase and someone on the Internet makes it in to a t-shirt.

(via Dave McMenamin)

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  1. Are you still going to call him ron artest to piss him off?

  2. Someone needs to make some “World B. Free” shirts ASAP

  3. Missed opportunity for a joke in that last paragraph, Trey: “All we are saying, is give this Metta World Peace t-shirt a chance.”

  4. I think choosing 93 because it represents infinite intensity ( is even crazier.

    P.S. It’s amazing how much has changed in the 5 years since that article, Artest was in Sacramento, Kidd and VC were in New Jersey, the Pistons were 37-6, Jermaine O’Neal was injured…

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