It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show we discuss astronauts. Yes, astronauts. Why has the world become indifferent to them? Are they heroes? Do kids still want to be astronauts? Should we mourn the end of NASA’s Shuttle Program? Can you smell a fart in space? What happened to Johnny Depp in “The Astronaut’s Wife”? All that, plus space trivia!


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  1. it’s NASA, not nassau.

  2. I would listen to 40 minutes of [Blank] Jones once a week

    Make it happen!

  3. I hate the way NASA, and just space in general, is viewed these days. While we’re concerned about our military, losing lives in war and bickering over how to pay off our debt, China and other countries around the world are investing in technology and coming up with new ways to do things. How can people look as space like it’s some irrelevant nothing? Humans are so myopic it’s ridiculous.

  4. Next time you should talk about cone-ing.

  5. still like the smoking jones idea?

  6. If the next episode has to start with a “b” I suggest bocce ball or batman.

  7. The Rounders Jones, please.

  8. Not ONE reference to Homer as an astronaut? That should tell you all you need to know about our shuttle program.

  9. The 80s Movies Jones

  10. I’ve been to a shuttle launch before during night time when it was completely dark. No, I didn’t go to hope someone would die, but I went to experience something I’ve never have before. I must say that it’s an awespire moment to see those extremely powerful rockets propel someone out of the Earth’s atmosphere. I only went one time, but I can see how people could go again to enjoy the same experience.

    Also, it’s a shame that the shuttle ended, since there’s a lot of very intelligent and skilled people who put a lot of effort into making space flight possible. It’s sad that NASA has no direction right now, because the longer it takes for them to come up with the next big thing, the worse it gets for the aerospace industry to hold onto their talented employees.

    The public perception is that space flight is too expensive, which it is. However, in the U.S., we spend so much money on other garbage, that it’s a shame that those don’t cut off like the space flight funding did.

  11. The “Origin of The Basketball Jones” Jones.

  12. i wanna talk about practice

  13. The Tour de France Jones

  14. Guys, your in a spacesuit while taking off. Everyone knows that. If you let one rip, your in alone on your glory.

    Also, i would like The Shark! Jones.

  15. I <3 Arby’s, fuck you. But half the time you’re talking about piss. And Tas = Joey Fatone xD C’mon guys, TAJ Pt. Deux! Epic quote Tas

  16. This was weirdly, weirdly good guys.

    I request an episode on food! And one about Britain!

  17. The Bonsai Jones

    The Quoting Jones (20 minutes – all quotes!)

    The Philosophical Jones

    The Liquorice Jones

    The BJ Jones (you could interpret that one in two ways…)

    The Basketball Jones’ Guide To Europe Jones

    The Jones formerly known as Basketball Jones (your history… or prince)

    The Recipe Jones

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Jones

    The Family Jones

    geez the possibilities are endless! you just saved my summer.

  18. ps oh and you know what would be REALLY awesome:
    The Retro Jones – you could talk about some great games from the past, like some bird vs magic classics, or a playoff series, but not the ones everybody already knows everything about – maybe even some that aren’t all that retro but still worth remembering, like some random late 90ies series. or maybe some super obscure 1985 bucks vs knicks game where nothing special happend, whatever. just real smoove retro shit. nba + retro = hipstergold

  19. Easy call: talk about your childhood heroes. Especially eager to hear what Matt has in store. And oh, welcome back!

  20. “So what are we doing now?…Robots?”
    And it only got better from there.

    The Cartoon Jones
    The Horrible Michael Bay Movie Jones
    The Eurovision Jones
    The Hoverboard and other failed future technology Jones

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