'DUNKS' by Eric Elms

We don’t offer a lot of book recommendations here at The Basketball Jones — because we are the Internet, and books are print media and those two entities are locked in a battle to the death, choose your side — so when we do, you can be sure that they’re worth your time. And “DUNKS” by Eric Elms is probably worth your time.

“DUNKS,” available for $17 from AndPress, is a collection of, well, dunks and their subsequent reactions. Eric Elms explains it better:

Whenever I go to games or see a last second shot on TV I  loved seeing the synchronized reaction of all the fans. This zine is a collection of cropped sections of old NBA dunk posters I cut up after having enough to make a book. Gawkers in the stands!!!!!

Gawkers in the stands, you guys. Who doesn’t love gawkers in the stands? Exactly.

The book looks really cool, like something you’d stumble upon in a thrift store while absentmindedly thumbing through romance novel after romance novel. Plus, $17 for a limited edition book by a respected artist is an excellent deal.

Some snaps from the book after the jump. Tell me this wouldn’t look great on your ottoman.

(via Hypebeast)

Comments (7)

  1. +1 the last one.

  2. the last one? Jordan from the free-thow line!!!!

  3. GP’s face = Gold

  4. Top one looks like Larry Nance, and the Payton & Zo one is Kemp i believe

  5. Payton & Zo is a JR Rider one-handed tomahawk.

    Great heads up though, just grabbed it and the Parra book.

    The next installment should be “Sideline Style: A Look At All-Star Weekend Sideline Fashion”

    The mid 90s had some AWESOME outfits. Shaq through the years could be an entire chapter. Full velour suits could be another chapter…and so on.

  6. wait, what do you mean payton a zo?

  7. ^ the 3rd photo

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