'DUNKS' by Eric Elms

We don’t offer a lot of book recommendations here at The Basketball Jones — because we are the Internet, and books are print media and those two entities are locked in a battle to the death, choose your side — so when we do, you can be sure that they’re worth your time. And “DUNKS” by Eric Elms is probably worth your time.

“DUNKS,” available for $17 from AndPress, is a collection of, well, dunks and their subsequent reactions. Eric Elms explains it better:

Whenever I go to games or see a last second shot on TV I  loved seeing the synchronized reaction of all the fans. This zine is a collection of cropped sections of old NBA dunk posters I cut up after having enough to make a book. Gawkers in the stands!!!!!

Gawkers in the stands, you guys. Who doesn’t love gawkers in the stands? Exactly.

The book looks really cool, like something you’d stumble upon in a thrift store while absentmindedly thumbing through romance novel after romance novel. Plus, $17 for a limited edition book by a respected artist is an excellent deal.

Some snaps from the book after the jump. Tell me this wouldn’t look great on your ottoman.

(via Hypebeast)