If you can ignore the fact that there is a huge labor dispute lingering over everything happening in the NBA, this offseason has been pretty much business as usual. There haven’t been free agent signings or trades, but we’re not missing out on anything, because there’s nothing to miss out on. It’s just various reports that no progress has been made, guys are playing in other leagues or guys want to play in other leagues. Pretty boring, really.

But that looks like it’s the calm before the storm, because the first wave of lockout layoffs has already started. (Doubling up on weather metaphors. No bigs.) From the Associated Press:

The Charlotte Bobcats’ radio announcer is one of several people to lose their jobs in cost cuts for owner Michael Jordan’s team amid the NBA lockout.

Play-by-play man Scott Lauer was let go this week. The team’s director of corporate communications, the manager of community relations and at least four others have been laid off in the past week.

The worst thing is, this is definitely just the first in a bunch of layoffs that are sure to happen. For instance, the Pistons also laid off 15 employees, all while trying to complete the sale of their team. The owners are surely happy that their most famous constituent is the first guy to lay people off because no one knows how to solve the lockout. Michael Jordan’s always been an innovator.

Even though it sucks for the employees, it’s understandable from the owners’ standpoint. There’s no reason to pay people who can’t work, unless you want your radio announcers announcing games at the local rec leagues. (You don’t want that, unless you’re the one playing in the rec leagues.) There are going to be a lot of job losses in the coming months, so get used to this kind of stupid news.

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  1. Typical cold-shouldered MJ… He probably doesn’t even THINK about how many jars of French’s had to die in order to make that sweater.

  2. 10 reasons why the lockout sucks:

    1. No Basketball for a year! uhhhhhhh…..
    2. Cant watch sick highlights from last season on sites like nba.com
    3. No courtcuts or king of court cuts, which was my favorite part of the score
    4. Have to watch Ron Artest do crazy things all year.
    5. It may ruin some rookie careers.
    6. ruins players like older players like kobe and dirk, as their games might falter from lack of competitive games,
    7. Wont get to see Tristen Thompson play for a year, which sucks for the Canadian.
    8. nba2k12 wont be as good without roster updates, as players will stay the same ratings all season
    9. Players might leave the nba for good and play overseas instead.
    10. More football will be on!nooooooooo!!!!1

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