Let's all go see Desmond Mason's movie

Is there a way to buy every ticket available for a movie? I’m not talking about renting the local theater for a hundred people to enjoy a showing of “Rat Race” or something like that. I want to purchase every single ticket in the entire world for the first showing of “Just Crazy Enough,” whenever it finally comes out, because I want to be able to bring every single one of you to the premiere.

What’s “Just Crazy Enough?” Only the very first Desmond Mason movie ever, duh. From Tusla World:

Mason said he has been cast to play a resident of an insane asylum in a movie being filmed in Oklahoma.

“Just Crazy Enough” is a family-friendly comedy about identical twins separated at birth. According to the film’s website, one twin becomes a prominent psychiatrist and the other a lifelong mental patient. The psychiatrist ends up swapping places with a twin he knows nothing about.

Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Chris Kattan will play the lead role and is adding to what Mason says is a funny script. Tweeted Kattan on July 3: “I was waiting for a physical comedy vehicle like this for a loooong time! Thanks Oklahoma and timing and universe.”

Mason described his role as a “pretty big part.” He said his character speaks only in cliches and won’t hold a normal conversation with anyone.

“Throughout the course of the movie, they are asking me a bunch of questions and we are going through a lot of stuff and I am answering with random cliches that mean nothing,” he said.

All of the tickets please. And all of the Oscars too. Chris Kattan and Desmond Mason in a movie together? Sorry, “Just Wright,” but you’ve been replaced as the best movie featuring basketball players ever.

See you guys at the premiere. Dress the part.

(via Deadspin)

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  1. Chris Kattan is a first rate jerk, a top flight doosh and an undercover sock cucker.

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