I can’t wait for Metta World Peace to file my taxes.

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  1. This was/is FUCKING HILARIOUS

  2. Dammit I uploaded this even though I knew ESPN would do it… waste of time..

    Amazing shit though, I was dying

  3. oh my god. this is amazing.

    Blake Griffin’s hand gestures are so awkward it’s hilarious.

  4. that was brilliant.

  5. now we just need the ad for the Dirk Nowitzki Academy of Awkward Basketball.

  6. duncan and hill had a similar commercial in 99 :-)

  7. LOL!!!! Griffin and Love is so funny.

  8. lovin the sooner connection…blake and AD

  9. [...] Dirk Nowitzki’s Academy for Awkward Basketball … Blake Griffin and friends’ 1-800-LOCK-OUT scam … Seth Meyers rippin’ the no-show Miami Heat … I thought the ESPYs were garbage, [...]

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