John Wall may have won several battles against Julius Hodge, crossing him over time after time, while scoring on him every which way. And he may have even won the war, leading his team to a 73-71 victory that ended with Wall drawing a foul on Hodge with 0.9 seconds remaining, then making the game-winning free throws.

Those things are certainly true, but I think we can all agree that Julius Hodge is the big winner here, just because he made his way in to a highlight mixtape four years after he last played in the NBA. Oh, and for hanging a game-high 20 points on an NBA player.

Miss you, Hodgy Leaps.

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  1. Still no mention of JHodge getting shot his rookie year! Dude is blessed to be playing basketball still. He’s a good guy and I’ll always be rooting for him!

  2. I have been watching from 1:43-1:49 in every possible way trying to learn that move and I still can’t figure out what he did. Unreal!!!!

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