The Miami Heat care way too much about knockout.

(via Hot Hot Hoops)

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  1. obviously he’s not playing seriously? even i can remember doing this kind of thing to my younger brother when we were younger and having it done to me by kids on the playground. + I can’t believe we’re retracing this whole angle again…. if this is the type of news we can look forward to while the lockouts on then we’re in for a long, boring summer.

  2. That’s just how it is… anything to do with the Heat is news man, you have to report it especially in this empty nothingness that is the lockout. Even as somewhat meaningless as this piece is to some point, it’s all we’ve got. You can tell in the interview afterwards dwade was thinking ‘wtf, this means nothing’ in his head but at the same time with the kind of scrutiny they’re getting he had to have known the question was coming.

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