One good thing about the lockout is that everybody gets a few extra months to make Miami Heat jokes. As for the Brian Cardinal bit that starts around 3:45 — watch your back, Seth Meyers. No one talks about dad like that.

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  1. Hilarious! That crowd was weak!

  2. Racism, awkwardness and calling shaq a retard.

    Isn’t this your book off play off from a while ago?

  3. This is awsome :)) hahah

  4. What the heck is Justin Bieber doing there, to the right at 6:54. Wow and with earrings.
    For the most part this was funny ,but kind of awkward at times.

  5. [...] Awkward Basketball … Blake Griffin and friends’ 1-800-LOCK-OUT scam … Seth Meyers rippin’ the no-show Miami Heat … I thought the ESPYs were garbage, America. I’m so confused. Help me. No Comments [...]

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