Knowing what we know about Shepard Fairey — he is all about culture-bombing, he’s somehow involved in the Mr. Brainwash thing, he appropriated an Associated Press photo to make one of the most iconic images of all-time — I think it’s safe to assume that he would be OK with someone remixing his legendary Andre the Giant images in to something honoring Germany’s finest basketball player. That’s why I’m wholeheartedly endorsing these two t-shirts from Curtis Black. Well that, and because they are awesome.

Both of these shirts go for the very bizarre price of $23.94, and each design is also available as a sticker in case you want to get your OBEY on. Designs very similar to this showed up all around Dallas during the Finals, so it’s hard to say which came first, which is kind of the point with this movement, I guess.

Another part of street art, unfortunately so if you are Banksy (who made a very lucrative movie about how the commercialization of street art is ridiculous, come on), is that associating yourself with it makes you a super cool dude. Ergo, if you get either one of these shirts, both of which co-opt beloved artifacts of graffiti culture, you’ll be a super cool dude. For $23.94, it’s totally worth it.