Chris Bosh got married to Adrienne Williams over the weekend. Or really, double married, considering he is probably already married, but just won’t admit it. Nonetheless, the big blowout reception was this past weekend, held at Miami’s opulent Fontainebleau Hotel. Judging by that first dance pic — to the very original “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, though “Crying” by Aerosmith seems a bit more appropriate — everyone had a great time.

Some pretty chill guests were there too.

Sup guys. Nice hairscut for Udonis Haslem. Lighten up though, because you look good bb!

Pat Riley was also there, gettin’ his smile on with Serena Williams. I don’t want to start any rumors, but a source in the Heat organization tells us that Serena might be brought in to play point. Keep that on the DL for now, because we wouldn’t want them getting fined during the lockout.

Speaking of the Heat organization, Erik Spoelstra was there, smiling as usual. Alonzo Mourning showed up too, doing some viral marketing for the DVD release of “Adjustment Bureau.”

Scottie Pippen was also there, for some reason.

And he was chillin’ with Jean Reno for some other reason.

But it looks like a beautiful affair, right on down to the cake, which looks a lot like my own wedding cake. Very happy for Chris and Adrienne to be able to celebrate their secret marriage in public. Lots of love, you guys.

(via Eye On Basketball)