It’s the summer. Last season is over. The next one doesn’t start for another 400 blog years. Players need to do something to stay in shape, which is why you see so many guys showing up in streetball leagues around the country.

But staying in shape isn’t necessarily enough. These bros are super competitive, so they need something to stoke those fires that burn deep inside of them. And that’s why the best streetball game of the summer is very close to happening. From

Bragging rights are always a major chit in the summer circuit, and this year is no different. As Sam Amick reported last week, the Goodman League and its Los Angeles version, the Drew League, are finalizing plans for a streetball showdown on Aug. 20 in D.C. The game is tentatively set to be at Georgetown University’s McDonough Arena. The Drew has had the likes of Ron Artest, James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Tyreke Evans and L.A. natives Nick Young and Jeremy Tyler come through this summer. Compton native and Cavs guard Baron Davis is handling logistics at his end; the D.C. squad will likely feature [Kevin] Durant, Michael Beasley, [DeMarcus] Cousins, [Gary] Neal, [Brandon] Jennings and [Josh] Selby, maybe Ty Lawson and Nolan Smith, among others. The trash-talking has already begun.

Sounds awesome right? Right.

At first glance, I’m rolling with the D.C. squad, even if Brandon Jennings is really playing for the California team, as Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post reports. Defense is so unimportant in a game like this, so pick the team that can score the easiest. Don’t get me wrong, there are great scorers on the Los Angeles team, but all the dudes on the D.C. roster exist to put up points. Michael Beasley’s been perfecting the all-offense, no-defense thing for three seasons. This is his kind of run.

But no matter who you’re picking to win, there’s definitely one thing we’re all rooting for, and that’s that the league figures out a way to live stream this. Because in a basketball-free summer, a little NBA on NBA streetball action would be pretty excellent. Someone get these guys a Ustream account with the quickness.