The NBA and the music industry have a long, storied history together. It stretches all the way from Oscar Robertson to Wayman Tisdale to Carlos Boozer, and every single song that has ever involved a basketball player in any way has been better than perfect. Sergio Roma, head of Pinnacle Records, brushes his teeth to NBA players doing music.

But still, when Greg Oden gets busy on an otherwise instrumental jazz track, it’s kind of surprising because he seems like he hates talking, let alone singing. Nonetheless, you can hearĀ  said track, “O-No-You-Oden,” part of a Portland charity album titled “Live From Nowhere Near You: Volume Two,” at Blazers Edge. It’s certainly interesting. The song sounds like it’d be scoring the local forecast on The Weather Channel, and Oden basically does a Puff Daddy circa “All About the Benjamins” impersonation, just going “Uh-huh, yeah” over and over.

Meanwhile, Jimmer Fredette has finally become a rap lyric, just a week after he became a horse. It should be no surprise that it’s a Lil’ Wayne song Jimmer appears in, showing up at the 0:45 mark in “Sure Thing.” Here’s that, but be careful of all the swears.

If you didn’t catch it: “I got a chopper in the trimmer / Shootin’ like Jimmer.” Another classic Weezy sports metaphor, and possibly the first Jimmer Fredette rap mention that didn’t come from his own brother. I haven’t listened to every mixtape there is, but it seems like a safe bet that this is at least the first big name rapper to mention Sacramento’s new favorite basketball player.

With Shaquille O’Neal’s retirement, it was easy to assume that we would lose out on a great deal of NBA-related music. But when young players like these guys make valuable inroads like this, it’s safe to say that we’re going to be enjoying the finest songs man has to offer.