How would you like to be playing in a summer league, getting ready for a game against a team and then LeBron James walks in and puts on that team’s uniform? Bummer, especially when you’re playing just outside of Cleveland, but everyone’s still cheering for him.

Next thing you know, he’s throwing the ball off the backboard to himself for an easy dunk in transition (1:25) and you’re thinking, “Of all the games we didn’t do a roster check.”

(via Dime)

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  1. Hmmm. Striking watching this was his refusal to go into the post. I always thought people were overblowing that, but now I see that he really has no post game.

  2. that was the worst highlight reel i have ever seen.

  3. He only traveled three times in those highlights. Vast improvements in his game already this summer. It smells of varnish….

  4. hes playing with his boys, how can yall be hating so hard

  5. Is that gilbert arenas thats trying to guard him? certainly looks like it.

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