This is a standard introduction wherein we discuss the NBA lockout and how its existence continues to threaten the upcoming NBA season. We opine about its length, decry its stupidity and mention how players need to find a way to stay in shape so that they aren’t big fatties when the season rolls around again. It’s the truth and this paragraph can be copy-and-pasted several times between now and whenever the next season starts.

Now that the boilerplate introduction is over, here is where we talk about the latest plan some players have put together to keep things competitive during the summer. This time, it’s in the Philippines, it’s a bunch of big names and it happens next week. From the Manila Inquirer:

Back-to-back NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant will join Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and four other high-caliber players in parading their wares in the Smart Ultimate All-Star Weekend at the Araneta Coliseum. [...]

Completing the star-studded roster are 2010 Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings, second overall pick Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves, James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder and five-time NBA champion Derek Fisher of the Los Angeles Lakers.

That’s about as good of a collection of players you’ll see on the same court this summer. Two MVPs, two scoring leaders, four Rookie of the Years, and four All-NBA first teamers is a pretty successful haul for a couple of exhibition games. No offense to that amazing streetball game that’s being put together, but this is the best collection of NBA talent we’ve heard about thus far.

And, lucky for the Pinoy, border security made for an even better game in Manila.

Durant will replace Los Angeles Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan, who was said to have passport issues.

DeAndre Jordan is very exciting, and would definitely be fun in a no-defense game, but Kevin Durant is a bit of an upgrade. Nice work, Filipino customs people.

This really does sound great. The Philippines are crazy, crazy, crazy about basketball, and them getting legitimate NBA superstars to play a couple of games against local teams is a huge deal. There’s no place on Earth that would appreciate such a thing more than they will. Sometimes the lockout isn’t all bad.

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  1. Damn.. I wish i was vacationing the Philippines during the time of that tour!

  2. Trying to travel to the US would take eons of saving up money (well at least for me), so I really made sure to get a ticket (well, with a help from a friend) to a game that could possibly be my only chance to see NBA players live.

  3. Wait, lemme correct that last part: Possibly my only chance to see James Harden’s beard live.

  4. Can’t wait! Good tickets got sold out FAST. Glad our lil’ country gets some prime NBA action while they sort out the lockout.

    Also, the paper’s name is actually the Philippine Daily Inquirer. :-)

  5. appreciate this post Trey and thanks for acknowledging how passionate Filipino fans are about basketball and yes the NBA…

    “Sometimes the lockout isn’t all bad.” yes indeed this won’t be possible without the Lockout…

    just really thankful to all this players comin’ over to show our country some love… #ThunderUP

  6. They made the right choice coming to Manila, Trey. They’re actually heading to Boracay ( a great beach in the Philippines) afterwards. The players were promised a “working vacation.”

  7. Psyched! For years we’ve only had a couple of retired players come over here, making us wonder how awesome it would be to have active, legitimate players take their game here in Manila. If there’s anything great about the lockout this would be it – for us crazy crazy crazy Pinoy fans at least.

  8. I wish I still lived in the Philippines just to see this!

  9. like mentioned already things like this help with the lock out depression, which gets me thinking if there was no lock out, it would be all talk and speculation right now and less ball than we are getting.

    looking to the brighter side of things*

  10. man, this is gonna be awesome! i already have my tickets and can’t wait for saturday! javale mcgee will also be coming to the Philippines btw!

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