Ever since the lockout started, we’ve all made haha jokes about NBA players being unemployed because they can’t play basketball in the best league in the world. But just because these guys can’t play in their preferred location, doesn’t mean that they are entitled to live on the dole.

From the Charlotte Observer:

Larry Parker, spokesman for the N.C. Employment Security Commission, emailed this response to an Observer question about whether NBA and NFL players might qualify for unemployment benefits:

“The answer right now is no,” Parker replied. “NBA players would not be eligible for benefits, mainly due to fact the NBA season is not in session. There is a reasonable expectation on the players part that they may play once the season begins.”

Don’t worry, your tax dollars aren’t paying for millionaires to put food on their families. Your hard-earned money isn’t filling their his and hers Rolls Royces. I know you were worried about this, but you are not the one who is paying their exorbitant bar tabs at various Las Vegas nightclubs.

That is good news, I guess, especially if you hate any form of socialism. But really, can you imagine NBA players trying to live on unemployment? Laws are different in every state, but no state exists where an unemployed NBA player is making NBA money. Let me tell you, it is hard to afford mortgage payments on a multimillion dollar mansion when you’re bringing home $385 a week. That kind of money barely pays to have your Blue Mutation Yellow-naped Amazons cleaned.