I am going to go out on a limb and assume that MJ somehow won some money off of this. Either that, or he wanted revenge on the 2002 All-Star Game.

(via EOB)

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  1. after the dunk you see him limping a tad…. poor guy….. lost his mad hops

  2. Does MJ know something about baggy jeans that the rest of us don’t? Looking around YouTube, he hasn’t played ball without them in years.

  3. So, is he coming back or not?

  4. @AMB: Exactly what I thought!!! :))

    @lh: What do you mean he lost his hops? He’s 48?! :) On the contrary, the hops should have left a while ago :D

  5. The baggy jeans are to meant for him to look like he’s not trying, the limp..natural swag.
    Don’t question the God.

  6. Nice comments,
    Although he limps (or swags) afterwards, he still dubks as easily as i eat a peanut

    And I’m cool with the fact that only MJ and I play bball in jeans. Das cool, he can do it too, I’m ok.

  7. *dunks

  8. Wow. Not only can he still dunk it at 48 he still makes it look silky. Run up was a little longer but I think Jordan will be cramming it into his 50s.

  9. MJ doesent have swag, he has mojo.

    what the fuck is swag

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