It seems every NBA player is pondering whether or not to play overseas this fall. But what about their friendly border-sharers to the north? Canada does have a basketball league. Well, one is arriving soon at least.

Here are some reasons why Canada would be a fantastic option for NBAers looking to keep their hoop skills fresh:

  • China is far.
  • Teenaged players can hit the bars instead of tweeting “I’m bored!”
  • On that note, ordering beer using the term “two-four” is a lot faster than saying “twenty four”.
  • LeBron James could actually deliver on his claim of winning multiple championships.
  • Mounties are hot.
  • Kevin Durant would probably be in the crowd because he really loves basketball.
  • Understanding the language would be simple, although the spelling is colourful.
  • Free healthcare.
  • Trey Kerby will soon be a Canadian.
  • The Canadian dollar is mighty strong right now and the Monopoly money is quite easy to decipher.