It seems every NBA player is pondering whether or not to play overseas this fall. But what about their friendly border-sharers to the north? Canada does have a basketball league. Well, one is arriving soon at least.

Here are some reasons why Canada would be a fantastic option for NBAers looking to keep their hoop skills fresh:

  • China is far.
  • Teenaged players can hit the bars instead of tweeting “I’m bored!”
  • On that note, ordering beer using the term “two-four” is a lot faster than saying “twenty four”.
  • LeBron James could actually deliver on his claim of winning multiple championships.
  • Mounties are hot.
  • Kevin Durant would probably be in the crowd because he really loves basketball.
  • Understanding the language would be simple, although the spelling is colourful.
  • Free healthcare.
  • Trey Kerby will soon be a Canadian.
  • The Canadian dollar is mighty strong right now and the Monopoly money is quite easy to decipher.

Comments (7)

  1. The animated Canadians on South Park are both lovable and fun

  2. Except for Scott..he’s a dick.

  3. Adam Carolla had a few nice things to say about Canada in his recent podcast. Also a mention of Ketchup chips.

    It’s the episode with Jennifer Gimenez.

  4. Can I add to this list?

    -Free navigation of the Northwest Passage
    -Beaver Tails
    -That “two-four” thing that Melas said before. Specifically, two-fours of Wildcat, which is sadly not sold in the US.

  5. Add to that, the Canadian Basketball Association always has a CBA.

  6. Colourful, ha ha…

  7. as in south park, canadians can apparently be kicked long distances.


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