If you were picking an NBA player to serve as a stand-in for the everyman, a guy who really represents what the fans are all about, you’d probably pick someone like Brian Cardinal, Shane Battier or Udonis Haslem. Players who do the dirty work, and get by on hustle and smarts, like us fans imagine we’d do if we were in the NBA. You might not pick a sharp-shooting Californian from a basketball family who has the carefully sculpted hair of a Hollywood megastar.

But maybe you should, because Kyle Korver’s saying some pretty fan-ish things right now. From CSN Chicago:

“It’s a shame,” Korver said. “The NBA makes too much money for everybody not to be making a little bit already, right?”

Korver went on to explain that from a player’s standpoint, he doesn’t understand where the money is going. “How?” Korver said in frustration. “I think they made about $2.4 billion dollars last year, how does everyone not have a little bit in their pocket?”

Yeah, Kyle Korver, that’s what we’re all saying. How can a league that makes so much money say it doesn’t have money? That’s very strange. And even though, as Pro Basketball Talk’s Kurt Helin points out, Korver’s math is a little bit off, why shouldn’t the owners share all that money? It’s called being friends. AltaVista it.

But the thing that Kyle Korver is most right about is that whole “It’s a shame” part. After an amazing regular season, followed by one of the best postseason’s ever, all of which were wrapped in a toasty blanket of skyrocketing television ratings, the NBA is just going to not play part of the next season? That’s silly, stupid and any other word that starts with “S” and means that it’s a bad decision that you can think of. Figure it out, guys.

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  1. seems like everyone (except korver) wants more money.

    Man, if i was making 5-6 figures a year, i wouldn’t complain at all. It’s more than most people make, and you get it by playing a sport you love! how cool is that?!

    as for the owners, a bit more responsibility with the spending. Pound foolish attitudes caused the fiasco in the first place.

    be content people :)

  2. It sounds like a lot of money, but there are a lot of expenses and other costs involved that most people “in the middle” don’t understand. Much like running a consulting business, there are utilities, there is health/property insurance, cost of goods, salaries, licensing fees, etc.

    Sure, looking at a big number might look like someone’s lying or that there should be more money, but when you break it down & separate all the other garbage that has to be paid for, there probably isn’t as much left at the end of the day as everyone thinks.

  3. I think Steve wanted to say 7-8 figures :)

  4. Search engine humor. That’s rich.

  5. Sharp-shooting Californian? Don’t rob the great state of Iowa of its favorite son!

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