It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s 35-minute show we discuss The Basketball Jones’ origins. Oh, yeah, it’s a circle jerk! How did the podcast come about? What in the world was “The Sports Doctors”? How many times did J.D. want to quit? Why the move to video, dipshits? How’d “The B.J. Army” piss off The Score? Is Matt excited to compete in the Iditarod? And how many dick jokes can we make in one sitting? Try and keep count!

BONUS NO. 1: Here’s that Erin Andrews/Deadspin photo I was talkin’ about. Sorry, Erin.
BONUS NO. 2: Here’s a link to TBJ: Episode 100 — highlights from the first 99 episodes of The Jones.


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Comments (27)

  1. Needs more Nightmare Ant.

  2. please post audio clips/pics from early years

  3. What was your favorite book-off/pay-off? My personal top 3 are
    3) Mariachi Skeets
    2) Stand up comedy at open mic night
    1) Shark suit Tas

  4. Gotta go with NBA Stand up. Everything about it from the prep, to the angry open mic host, to the terrible jokes, to the indifferent audience was hilarious.

  5. I also saw the first test show. Matt is right about its goodness.

  6. JD needs to clip together all of Tas’s quotes over the years. Please and thanks ;)

  7. I was one of the first people to review your podcast on iTunes. I remember I wrote something about how Skeets sounds almost like Ralph Machio. And you guys must have been so thrilled to have a review that, the very next day, there was a picture of the Karate Kid to go along with the podcast.

  8. believe it or not, that was maybe the most interesting episode ever. i would love to hear more about how things actually got started at the score, and more about matty’s and trey’s roles (you didn’t even mention him, how did he become a jones?)
    dunno if you guys acutally enjoyed this show, but i for one absolutely loved it!

  9. ps just realized that i started to think of you guys as some kind of friends… is that sad?

  10. Matt is like a little Barbara Walters in this episode.

  11. @cj – here is episode 100, a collection of highlights from the first 99 Jones episodes:

    PS – please don’t mind the basketball talk in there.

  12. @telecustom while it is sad I constantly have to remind myself that these guys aren’t my friends

  13. TBJ Origins > X-Men Origins. Your fave restaurant must be Weinerschnitzel. Most I’ve heard JD talk. Mamba’s 81 inspired you! How did Skeets get into Yahoo? I discovered you guys on BDL. Others say I write pretty good. Got any tips for this Psychology grad?

  14. @zibala37 i know but thats even more sad

  15. @stir crazy who says your writing “pretty good”? your followers on twitter? ^^

  16. how about the pop music jones, including ripping on auto-tune and celebrities wanting to be singers ala Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian and Flo-Rida a man who has gotten rich making club songs yet is a devout Christian and does not drink let alone go to clubs

  17. Skeets really got his Nash look-a-like goin’ on in this pic..

  18. Is it possible that you guys can re – release old episode over the lockout

  19. Great episode, really enjoyed it. Thanks for keeping us entertained during the offseason.

  20. so it was the cleaner who barged in during that old video episode where you just patched the two segments together, including your initial reactions? i’m probably the only one who remembers that bit…but its always bugged me not knowing what happened.

  21. thank you guys so much for answering the question about the “Inception”-like drawers. Those things bewildered me every day

  22. Listening to episode 100, skeets’s bibby bashing has been going on since the beginning of time (27:10).

  23. Really enjoyed the show. Top job, Matt!

  24. @Bogut Hater: You may have just won fan of the year with that observation.

    @Guy From Europe: Thanks! I channeled my inner Piers Morgan.

    @zibala37; @telecustom: We ARE your friends.

  25. Episode 100.. hilarious!

  26. I love these episodes where you guys just talk about random stuff. Especially ep. 100. I miss the overdose already!

    I was wondering if you guys can talk about wrestling in your next episode. That’ll be fun. I enjoyed Tas’ macho man impression!

  27. Very cool history episode.

    I remember when you had a sound grab of fans clapping at the start of an episode, and Skeets would wave to them as they left through the door.

    JD would occasionally pan across but miss them, and you’d see the door closing. That was the cleaners, yeah?

    I reckon the people who owned that place were too scared to ask what three dudes were doing every morning at 8am for an hour or so.

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