This is certainly an interesting lockout development. CBA negotiations must not be going anywhere if NBA teams are replacing basketball teams with highly-regarded indie folk outfits. Kinda worried this is what’s going to happen if all the players go to Europe. We’ll be stuck with teams full of guys who look like they would play in Europe.

Or maybe, because teams aren’t allowed to display anything with player names, they’re just finding a new way to make some money. After Pitchfork Best New Music-ed Bon Iver’s latest, “Bon Iver,” it was only natural that Milwaukee would try to tap in to the hipster/hoopster market by offering Bucks branded merchandise. Kinda surprised there’s not a No. 9.5 jersey in there. I look forward to similar stunts from the Timberwolves and Hawks, who will surely invite John Maus and Washed Out, respectively, to don their uniforms.

Then again, this could just be another sneaky way for Allen Iverson to return to the NBA. He’ll try anything. The Grizzlies, the 76ers bench, playing zither — whatever it takes.

No matter what happens with the lockout, I’m sure the tanktop and jeans uniform styling is going to catch on. Basketball players love long shorts, so this is just a natural progression. Plus, you can fit all kinds of pads under there. Really a great look and very, very durable.

(photos via the Bucks’ Facebook)