“He’s like the Justin Bieber of basketball. Everywhere we go, people are crying over him.”Isaiah Thomas, who will always prefer Aaron Carter

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  1. Haha, nice ginger photo shop.

  2. Self-pimping on a Sunday night, incense pots, Jim Buss and Slava. sneak post: http://t.co/ffLjk4M

  3. Whoops! I pimped somebody else’s blog instead of mine! That’s okay, Dana’s is better. People should read it.

  4. Haha thanks Dave! I just went in to the back end of my analytics and saw my post was being linked through here… I’m ok if you just want to pimp my stuff full-time. The pay is terrible but at least you will have nothing to show for it!

    Thanks for the kind words, too. Look for me to blast it tomorrow.

  5. LOL!!! My college friend is crazy about this guy.

  6. That face and hair is genuinely scaring me. I’m not kidding, he will haunt my night…

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