There haven’t been any details released about NBA 2K12 yet, but based on these covers that were just released, it looks like another winner that’ll make you freak out when you’re playing online. When you consider that 2K11 was awesome and it only had Jordan on the cover, then having three legends on this cover should make this one three times as good. Math.

Huge versions after the jump.

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  1. Very cool. Love the artwork.

  2. the artwork is probably just a way to obscure Larry Bird’s short shorts.

  3. The current stars of NBATV.

  4. Im guessing that one will go on the xbox, one will go on the ps3, and the last one on a pc

  5. I just wish the Larry one was green and the Magic one was yellow and/or purple. But I’m not complaining because awesome things are awesome.

  6. But, ummm, what about the lockout? I’m guessing you can’t have a game with both NBA plyers & an NBA logo right now?

    I predict the 4th cover soon to be released will have Ron Mexico on the cover #ifonly

  7. @Mark These players are not playin anymore, so i guess its fine to have them on the cover

  8. Ih: each store will have equal share of cover versions regardless of system (33% Magic, 33% Bird, 33% Jordan). And no matter which cover you buy, gameplay modes will still be the same. Since MJ graced the cover last year, and I am a Laker fan, I gotta go w/ Magic

  9. okay thats cool. i know the gameplay is the same. my pick? gota go with bird

  10. Yep, I too thought about the lockout… Maybe a subtle way of preparing fans there might not be a season with the current NBA players….?

    Hmm, really, what happens to an NBA endorsed game when there is a lockout of its players??

  11. what if they will only use old teams? sneaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! classic bulls, celtics, lakers? they could get away with murder!!!!!



  14. I want to see Paul Mokeski on the cover. That would please Bill Simmons.

  15. yeah! this is so cool… i just cant wait to grab a copy of this… im so excited.. so damn excited!

  16. i still gotta go with jordan

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