I thought that a bunch of franchise guys playing in the Philippines was going to be the best thing that came from the lockout, but it turns out that the best thing is a full-length rap release from Delonte West. It’s called “Lockout,” obviously, and these are the first two leaks from the album. I assume “Hot Sauce in My Bag” is a bonus track.

(via Green Street)

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  1. The streets be waiting for this for 20 years now

    The streets is talking.

    The streets / etc

  2. Watch out, Mozart and Bob Dylan, you’re going down

  3. Sweet non-fitted hat. Rare.

  4. He copycats Dirk’s finals cap style

  5. via gstreet? they copped it from slamonnline sonns. check the timestamps.

  6. I wonder if they’ll include this as the lead single:


  7. is it me or does he have a permanent cold sore?

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