Of course they did, because that’s the most reality television way you can thrown your bachelor and bachelorette parties. And while Kris Humphries signing a contract cake that reads “Property of Kim Kardashian … FOR LIFE!” during a summer when he’s a free agent and is currently prohibited from actually signing an NBA contract is pretty much the perfect picture for the night, there are still a whole bunch of other great moments that needed to be captured on film. Otherwise, how do you expect these two to remember their penis-shaped accessories and midget strippers? Exactly.

Let’s go on this journey together.

While Kris’ cake is hilarious and emasculating and ironic and a vast array of other descriptors that convey wonderment, he wasn’t the only one who got his cake on Saturday. Nope, Kim got her own custom cake too, one that is very similar to LeBron “Mr. Cool Cakes” James got for his birthday last summer. Crown cakes are so hot right now.

Lamar Odom was there, because this is his life now. Best power forward duo in reality television history? Who cares knows?

And just like Lamar, Kris is quickly learning the faux-European ways of Scott Disick. It’s confusing how a man can look so British and act so French while being from New York, but it’s one of things you’ll come to love while “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” (Show pun for all my real Kardashianheads out there.)

But really, all jokes aside, these two look like they had a great time at their respective parties that started separate but ended up joining together since that makes for a better episode. Fake Scott Caan certainly loved it. Can’t wait for their wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(via Jock and Stiletto Jill)