It took a while, but the lockout just got real. From ESPN:

“I understand why a lot of guys are considering overseas,” [Acie] Law said. “I’m considering some options overseas. These are our livelihoods. This is how we feed our families, and guys want to play. If they’re not going to negotiate a deal, life goes on. Bills still coming in, we still have to provide for our families, so hopefully they get something worked out.”

That felt good. Thanks for making it happen, one-time TBJ spokesman Acie Law.

(via EOB)

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  1. cmon, it aint like acie law makes that much money. Money has it’s way of spending itself when you don’t pay attention. why else would they have all these programs to teach fiscal responsibility to young players? plus, if i were rich, i’d have FAMILIES to support too, not just one… like a chump.

  2. Looks like Acie, (as well as many other professional athletes) should have saved some of their salary for when they actually need it instead of wasting it all on cars and jewellery..

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