Anybody else want to build a time machine and move to the Philippines? Cool. Thought so. Meet me at the Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 am. Bring the plutonium.

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  1. ThunderUP!!!!!
    for those who want to watch these games go to: and search for the following tags:
    Smart Ultimate All Star Weekend NBA vs PBA – 23 July 2011
    Smart Ultimate All Star Weekend NBA vs Smart Gilas – 24 July 2011

    Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did… a great weekend for all us NBA hungry Filipino fans… Big Ups to Kobe, Drose,KD, CP3, Big Fish, Tyreke, James Harden, Javale Mcgee and Derrick Williams for putting up a show and for giving us a taste of NBA Basketball. God Bless!

    Spoiler Alert: commentators are speaking in Filipino so just let the actions speak… lol
    as expected the visitors ruled but we all had fun Ü

  2. New computer:

    Where is the link to subscribe to the Basketball Jones RSS feeds?

  3. That first game had a lot of sick moves from the NBA players, particularly that, the Kobe-to-Rose MVP connection, and the JaVale McGee dunk->block->plank.

    However the PBA All-Stars were too starstruck with the NBA players, not unlike the Smart Gilas team from the second game. The guards really ran set plays, which at times made Chris Paul go ‘Really???’ (not sure if it was shown in the TV, but when we saw it live it sure did look like that).

    Anyway, a fun and amazing experience for us Filipinos to see them play live.

  4. The Sunday (Saturday in the US/Canada) game was a lot more “competitive” and by competitive I mean they didn’t lose by 26pts even though the NBA players weren’t playing any D. Javale Mcgee put on a show here in the Philippines. He loved it! Every time he got the ball near the paint, something good was gonna happen!

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