Sometimes dogs just like to wear vintage NBA hats. It’s one of their favorite things, so deeply ingrained in their DNA that it has become a dominant trait. I have watched part of several episodes of “The Dog Whisperer” and Cesar Millan is always talking about how dogs are huge fans of NBA snapbacks from the 1990s.

And when dogs wear hats, I think it’s a good idea to appreciate it. Dogs acting like humans is pretty funny, especially when they’re acting like Kanye West at Fashion Week. So after the jump, there’s some more pictures of dogs wearing NBA hats, courtesy of The Chimp Store, where all these hats are for sale. Dogs not included.

This guy is a big Jerome Williams fan, obviously.

And this guy hates the reputation that Kevin Garnett has earned, but he still sticks by him. Labradors are noted for their loyalty and quick defensive rotations.

So yeah, just some dogs wearing NBA hats. No big deal. It’s the offseason, we’re in the middle of a lockout, and the Internet was created to show pictures of cute puppies. Put them in NBA hats and it’s even better.

In fact, if you TBJers wanted to put NBA hats on your dogs and email me some JPEGs, that’d be OK. More dogs in hats is fine by me.

(via Hypebeast)

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  1. The Internet is actually made of cats:
    but they don’t like hats.

  2. I noticed you are the editor of this blog. You should look at paragraph two, word four. You should also look at the run-on in the last sentence of the second to last paragraph as you need a comma after the word “hats.”

  3. Captian Grammer to the rescue!

  4. Allen, I noticed you are a chode.

  5. [...] your NBA dogs Posted by Trey Kerby under Animals on Jul 29, 2011 Earlier this week, we showed you a bunch of dogs wearing fancy NBA hats. We also asked you to email in your dogs wearing NBA gear and you guys did it. You did it so much. [...]

  6. This headline is misleading. It’s clearly one dog wearing different hats.

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