There are things Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo knows, there are things he thinks he knows, and there are things he doesn’t know. He’s a complicated dude with a disturbingly small waist.

Let’s start with what he knows — his friend and former teammate Kendrick Perkins is not dead. Here’s Rondo’s response to being asked how much he was affected by the Perkins trade:

“It wasn’t like the man passed away or something. I think we put too much emphasis on it. It’s a business. He got traded. He’s very happy where he’s at. We still talk and I’m always going to have his back. It shouldn’t have affected us the way it affected us.”

But it did affect them — particularly Rondo, who didn’t seem to really be himself after the trade. For what it’s worth, I don’t think the Celtics were getting past the Heat with or without Perkins. It’s not like Perk contributed anything significant to the Thunder after the trade.

Next, here is something Rondo thinks he knows: “We got five people under contract, right? But I think we got five good people under contract, through.” Actually, the Celtics have six signed players (Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Jermaine O’Neal and Avery Bradley) but only four of them could reasonably be described as “good”.

What about the future of everyone’s favorite Celtic, Glen “Big Baby” Davis? (Note: “Everyone” refers to people who are not Celtics fans.) Well, Rondo won’t even begin to try to predict where he’ll end up: “I’d like to play with Baby. But Baby is going to do what’s best for Baby.” As for Celtics fans, most of the sensible ones would like to put Baby in a corner — meaning anywhere but Boston. You know, because he’s terrible.

In all seriousness, this lockout is going to hurt the Celtics more than any other team if we lose the entire season. Allen, Garnett and Pierce are all in their mid-30s and probably can’t collectively stave off the typical decline of players around that age. As for Rondo, I shudder to think about what a long layoff could do to his jump shot.