It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show we discuss bachelor parties. Is their purpose to celebrate the bachelor or humiliate him? Have stags become too formulaic? Why do these events always end in wrestling? And why did Tas try and escape his bachelor party through the emergency exit? So undo your buttons, and enjoy the show.


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  1. I think JD had the right idea with his joint party and avoiding bottles of piss.

    On an unrelated note, if the lockout robs us of the entire 2011-12 season, I think you guys should do one of two things.

    1) Pick a random season from the NBA history and do a daily show on it as if it’s presently happening. (Maybe even comment on world events / pop culture that happened during that season too.)

    2) Do a College Basketball Jones show. I know, you guys don’t love college hoops and I don’t either. But without pro basketball to watch next season, I think I’ll be watching a lot more of the college games. This could be a great way to familiarize ourselves with the upcoming draft prospects.

  2. Is Matt actually not invited to your wedding Tas? Don’t you spend every day with him?

  3. Maybe you could rethink the idea to do some shows on the Basketball EM in Lithuania :P

  4. Everyone is having a blast and Tas sounds like he doesnt want to be there recording a podcast. Constructive criticism.

  5. @Adam – of course, he’s coming to my wedding. I didn’t run around The Score’s offices – or send out a mass email to all my colleagues – about getting hitched and Matt is making a big deal out of nothing. That’s why I call him “Mountain” (making a mountain of a molehill). I told everyone and anyone I talked to.

    @Observer – thanks for the observation. I always feel like chatting with my bros but I was pretty beaten after a very long weekend. We recorded this on Monday after two bachelor parties on Friday and Saturday and seeing “The Weeknd” on Sunday. I’m sorry if I came off that way – I really didn’t mind the topic.

  6. Really enjoying these off topic shows, I think you guys can ramble entertainingly about most things, was a really big fan of the Overdose this past year, any plans to get Kerby involved with some of these off topic shows or would it be a pain to arrange?

    Also do the topics have to be non NBA? Cause I’d be interested in hearing an NBA history show, you guys have never really dealt with the historical side of the league (I don’t think).

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