“My new avi is how my bbm is set up so to all my ladies. Figure out where u are!! haha”Gilbert Arenas, who respects exactly one girl(s)

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  1. Only 1 girl he respects. Probably his mom

  2. I wonder where LBJ’s mom fits on that list…

  3. Gilbert Arenas isn’t funny, he’s just an asshole. Everybody knows somebody like this, but they don’t have the wealth and entitlement Gil has that amplifies and encourages this kind of behavior. Oh well, that’s just “Gil being Gil”, right?

  4. I don’t get why so many people seem to think Gilbert is a hilarious twitter god. He just seems like a douchebag to me.

  5. dont smack me but what does fellatio mean?

  6. fellatio means sex

  7. fellatio is oral sex dude.

  8. I think Agent Zero doesn’t know what the word “best” means. Or is that a 33-way tie? If it had been 37, at least we could assume a Clerks reference (I’m pretty sure Randal would find shoe-pooping to be hiLARious)

  9. @Scott, Gil definitely has the wealth with his massive contract. Entitlement? I don’t know about that given his play with Orlando last season =P

  10. Assholes are pretty funny, too.

  11. Do some girls fall under multiple categories though? Some of those who gave it up on the first night have to be some of the best at fellating a fella right? I need to ask Gil to clarify. This is important stuff.

  12. god i hate otis smith

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